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Training programs for youth enterprenuers by key strategies, systems, structures, policies and practices

About Us

Kauzi Foundation was registered on 26th of October 2009 in Sofia and determined as its mission "to work to create a harmonious, sustainable and interoperable business and civil society, which is run by active, competitive, responsible and decent people - citizens of Bulgaria, Europe and the World”.

Before being entrepreneurs, journalists, teachers, engineers ... We are first of all citizens..

Our Trainings and Consultations Include:


Project writing

Digital marketing

Youth-related issues

Career orientation

Citizenship education

Professional Development

Social integration

Youth Entrepreneurship Marketplace

Youth Entrepreneurship Marketplace 2017 will be held in late September! If you want to join, send your CV and motivation letter telling us why you would like to join the stock exchange at and we will contact you..

For seven years of work Foundation ' Causes ' has organized six Youth entrepreneurship marketplaces within the framework of various projects.

The main objective is to encourage and motivate young people and young people with disabilities between 18 and 35 years in the field of entrepreneurship by increasing their knowledge and practical skills to promote their business and social ideas.

Within the project annually youths with business or social ideas receive free consultation on business planning, social integration, entrepreneurship, contacts with investors. Result of the consultation is developed business plan and a three- minute presentation.

During the actual marketplace participants will have the opportunity to present their ideas to potential investors, banks, media and others.

Traditionally, the project enjoys the interest of the business, investors and media.

Partners and Donor Programs

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