Youth Information and Advisory Center "Causes"


The center is located in the west part of the capital and our aim is to concentrate our work in there away from the city centre and in the small cities around Sofia.

The main objective

The main objective of the center is to provide quality, accessible and free information and consulting services, training in entrepreneurship, according to European standards and universal human values, needs and interests of young people. As a result we try to trigger the activity of young people, encourage their personal development and give them motivation for social integration.
The Youth Information and Advisory Center "Causes" starts its work in 2012, funded by the National Youth Programme (2011-2016).

In 2017 we continue to provide free trainings, consulting services and accessible information for the young people aged 15- 29. Our team is consisted of experts in the field of marketing, entrepreneurship, social integration, youth work, career orientation and more.

Traineeships and consultations

How can you develop your idea? How can you finance it and turn it into a reality?
Entrepreneurship is a mindset and approach to life, the sooner you learn its tricks, the more useful it will be for you.

Digital marketing
How to make blog or vlog? How to create quality online content? How to take advantage of the possibilities of digital marketing?
Today the digital world is a big part of our lives. In Internet we present our businesses, our work and ourselves. That is the reason way it is so important to develop our digital and communication skills.

Career orientation and development
How can we use the social network Linkedin in order to find a job?
How to write a good CVs and motivation letters?
The ability to seek and find work is of extremely great significance for young people and their professional development.

Youth-related issues
In the training are included topics such as volunteering, youth work and youth leadership.

Project writing
How to write a project, manage, monitor and evaluate?
The training is aiming to show project cycle management to young people.

Citizenship education
Before being entrepreneurs, journalists, teachers, engineers ... We are first of all citizens. Each of us has the responsibility to make our environment a good and harmonious place.

Social integration
Part of our team is an experienced sign language interpreter which helps us to make our trainings and consultant services much more available for deaf young people.


Where can you find us:

90 High School „Gen. José de San Martín“, city of Sofia, Lyulin 2


Nikolay Georgiev- project manager
Srebrina Efremova – youth worker
Dilyana Videva- project coordinator

Partners and Donor Programes

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